Brennand Energia produces clean, renewable energy, contributing to the sustainable development of Brazil. Our installed capacity is 526 MW, comprising 10 SHPs (small hydropower plants) located in various States and 10 wind farms located in the State of Bahia.


Brennand Energia sells renewable energy on both the regulated and free energy markets. Our customers are energy distributors, free market companies, and energy sale and generation companies in Brazil.

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Brennand Energia carries out initiatives that combine energy production with growth opportunities for all. After all, preserving the planet also means taking care of our energy. We also support social, cultural and environmental preservation programs.

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Generating sustainable development for Brazil


Brennand Energia began operations in the early 2000s, with the acquisition and construction of small hydropower plants (SHPs) on the River Jauru, in Mato Grosso State. Since then, the Company has been developing its own efficient expertise in building this type of plant.

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In this section you can find our financial statements, environmental reports, calls for public hearings and other documents and information that reflect our commitment to organizational transparency.

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